CERES project objectives are structured as a four-step process, each phase is designed to reach the project outcomes and contribute to the advancement of circular economy principles in the field of education and training

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18 July 2024

CERES, a digital platform for circular economy training

The Circular Economy Digital Innovation Hub is a digital platform where users and SMEs can find a space for discussion on issues of ecological transition, courses and information materials on circularity. This is in line with the objectives of the CERES project, of which the CDCA is one of the actors. It has entered the piloting phase, this is how it will work
23 April 2024

CERES report on circular economy training needs: first results of the study

The report was realised by ten European partners from companies, the training world and universities in which the gap between current training offers and the real needs of the labour market is assessed. The first step to close the skills gap for the circular economy
23 April 2024

Training needs for Circular Economy, bridging resilience, digital and technical skills

13th May 2024 4.00 pm (CET) Online During the webtalk, experts will provide an exclusive sneak peek into the results from the CERES partnership’s report on Circular Economy educational needs.

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